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This has been shown by the most vigorously pursued policy by the EU and European governments, which has been fiscal consolidation, and, in general, a defence of austerity measures. There is a widely spread notion that public sector growth during the decades following World War II has resulted not only in the excessive size of this sector, but also and, above all, in great rigidity in its ability to act.

This has limited the stabilizing capacity of the state to stabilize economic activity, making it more appropriate to reduce the degree of regulation and public intervention in the economic system. In fact, European governments consider their most pressing problems are with public budgets, and not with a lack of economic growth.

This political position has arisen from the great confidence deposited in the equilibrating mechanisms of the markets, i. Moreover, this position seems to defend the idea that the proper functioning of these mechanisms are hindered by the excessive regulatory assign on of the welfare state.

A tract on monetary reform

In short, the current orthodoxy is based on the idea that the private sector and in particular markets without intervention are relatively quick at making adjustments. Thus, measures to expand demand are often seen as negative, since many consider that they would only generate inflation. Therefore, independence is only granted to central banks to pursue policies of price stability. In A Critical esay on oleanna aKeynes's put forward his view on the need to manage the macroeconomic performance of an economy.

It was no longer possible to go back in search of a world that had disappeared forever. After WWI, Keynes's assign on experienced a profound transformation and he lost confidence in the self-regulation of the market. Thus, an industrial economy should be managed in a conscious way: the era of non-intervention of the state in economic affairs had ended, as expressed in the title of one of his works - The End of Laissez-Faire At Cambridge, Keynes had as his teachers, Marshall 2 and Pigou.

Furthermore, from a theoretical point of view, Keynes believed in the balancing abilities of market forces, at least in the long term. Even more so, considering his analysis of the UK economy in the s in which he highlighted the monetary system as the main hinderance to the process of resource allocation. In A TractKeynes rejected the return to the gold standard, arguing that fixing the exchange rate should not be the main objective of the Bank of England.

Internal balance could not be forced from the outside by imposing an accelerated return of European currencies, including sterling, to the gold standard. On the contrary, he argued that the authorities should focus on obtaining internal monetary equilibrium. Moreover, Keynes maintained that exchange rates would reach their correct levels naturally, once European countries had achieved an internal balance. This paper uses A Tract to describe similarities and differences between the economic situation in the s and the early years of this century.

Thus, in Section 2 a presentation of A Tract is provided, placing it both in its historical period and in the circumstances that defined the economic thinking of its author. Furthermore, this work makes a comparison between the gold standard and the euro, highlighting the failure of the United States in the first case, and Germany, in the second, in their role as creditors. A part of Keynes's approaches lost some of their interest and practical importance with the return of Britain to the convertibility of the pound against gold in Aprilmainly because that return was carried out at prewar parity levels.

Despite this new institutional framework, Keynes devoted his energies to finding the most appropriate economic policy measures to the new situation. Thus, in Section 3 some conclusions are drawn about the role of A Tract in the evolution of Keynes's thought, noting in particular the need that the market economy be directed through appropriate policies.

This also allows some reflections to be made on aspects of the ECB's role in the management of the eurozone. Finally, Section 4 presents some final thoughts. A Tract was born from several articles that Keynes published during in a series of Manchester Guardian Commercial Supplement, entitled Reconstruction in Europe.

His articles, especially those collected revised and expanded in A Tractconstituted an attempt to respond to the difficulties of adapting European economies to the situation of peace after WWI. The immediate economic cause was, Keynes argued, price volatility. These fluctuations, especially the processes of inflation suffered by European economies, had destroyed the conditions under which savings had been channeled into productive investment.

Later, the subsequent deflation generated unemployment due to a fall in the critical esay on oleanna of economic activity, as businesses cut production.

As a result, individuals had a profound lack of confidence in the value of money and, therefore, in the ability of the system to create the conditions that would allow the normal operation of the economy. On the contrary, when there was deflation, unemployment occurred because employers would decrease their operations and keep their stocks of goods at the lowest possible levels; at the same time, they avoided all possible advance purchases of raw materials and intermediate goods.

Consequently, there was a decline in the level of activity. The economic situation in was such that most economists, if not all also including non-economistslooked at the years before WWI as the most desirable situation of the European economy.

In fact, the return to the gold standard with prewar parity was the official thesis of the British government; this thesis was based on the proposals of the Cunliffe Committee appointed for this purpose. By contrast, Keynes proposed in A Tract a series of measures that surprised most, and some considered as radical Sprague, Keynes maintained that a deliberate policy of monetary management was required by the Bank of England if they wanted to achieve the desired price stability.

What was Britain's main problem in Keynes's opinion in the early years of the s? It was the high level of unemployment that had occurred as a result stock market game essay price deflation that the British economy was experiencing at that time. Keynes did not waste time in useless lamentations about the glorious past.

In A TractKeynes supported the policy recommendations that were part of the theoretical knowledge he had received from Marshall. The effects of the instability in value of money were important enough for Keynes to consider that it would not only generate a deterioration in production and the organized exchanges in markets, but also the possible destruction of the capitalist economy b, cons of homeschooling essay The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

In A Tractthe quantity theory of money and the theory of purchasing power parity constitute the analytical basis of the study on the value of money. However, as a critic of A Tract Angell,pointed out, the task Keynes demanded of the authorities was new at the time, requiring them to evaluate in advance the changes in the demand for real balances to then take the appropriate measures.

The perspective of Cambridge, unlike the quantative theory in the version of Irving Fisher, 11 highlighted the demand side of money markets. This demand was made to depend exclusively on transaction and precaution motives. Speculative movements only appeared in the analysis of the forex market 90 and Keynes used the theory of purchasing power parity, while accepting that this only gave approximate predictions.

Thus, Keynes assigned to the Bank of England critical esay on oleanna responsibility for determining the exchange rate, although this task should be carried out indirectly through monetary policy.

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